Barbara Huffert
Be an Adventure!
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Cosmic Connections, Book 4
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Questing - Book 1
Condemned - Book 3
Chaos - Book 2
Strings of My Heart
from Resplendence Publishing
A mix-up at the airport throws Jesse James and Jessie
James together.

He knows immediately she’s the one for him but she’s not so
sure. On the run from an abusive relationship, she’s terrified
to trust this stranger who seems too good to be true.

He must find a way to prove she’s safe with him and to show
her they’re destined to be together forever. She must find the
courage to truly leave her past behind and open herself to
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After spending most of her life being a
nothing but a buddy, his best friend’s kid
sister, Lauryn decides it’s long past time
to show Dan that she’s pure woman. She
thinks she’s found the perfect way—until
absolutely everything goes wrong. Risking
it all, she opens her heart and lets the
music Dan inspires sing out. But is it
enough to overcome the barriers that
have always stood between them?